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Also check out Rikis new mistry.studio site and Krishans old PoetMistry.com

Rikis New Album!New tunes! @PoetMistry!

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I'm new here myself! This is the first site I've built (painful trial & error!) for our friends & family to stay in touch. Lots still new / changing so I'd really appreciate your comments, 'likes' and suggestions - its not FB, so don't be shy. In particular, check out the following

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Who knows how long this will stay updated!

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Old video clips

Years of video...finally indexed! See selected clips here

Mr.Prinesh - aka the 'Tony Stark of Cardboard Engineering'!

Mr.Prinesh - aka the 'Tony Stark of Cardboard Engineering'!

Caltech ME72 Robotics ContestCardboard Engineering
Trip Across the USA

Trip Across the USA

Checkout our trip across the USA in 2018… From NY to CA, over about a month, we covered ~5,500 miles, 20 states and 12 National Parks in our trusty little manual Subaru! What a huge, amazing country…!

See the Pics!See our Blog!

Cars in San Diego!

So many beautiful cars! With the great weather, better roads and no salt corrosion, its so great to see all these lovingly maintained cars at shows and around town… take a look…!

See the Cars!
Cars in San Diego!

Mistry History

More awesome albums here!


Iconic Memories

The boys have grown up fast, with lots of adventures and fun along the way…

Espana, 2009...!Video Clips
Iconic Memories